is THRILLED to present:

Climbing the Rainbow:

A Companion Guide for the Spiritual Quest

(Second Edition) in all-new DIGITAL PDF FORMAT!

Here is an intriguing e-book to accompany your spiritual adventures, yearnings, learnings, triumphs and mishaps! Written by the editor/publisher of acclaimed journal, Rainbow City Express: Adventures on the Spiritual Path, these frank and often humorous as well as reverent autobiographical writings offer insights, personal experiences, and tips for negotiating the path to higher consciousness. Now you can resonate with and enjoy these eye-opening articles, poems, essays, graphic images and other tidbits that describe likely real-life encounters with higher realms on your own spiritual journey. Covers years of experiences that frequently (and some not-so-frequently) accompany spiritual awakening, such as kundalini stirrings, extra-sensory perception, precognitive awareness, traces of Grace in everyday life, creative/artistic inspiration, aesthetic sensitivity, subtle-energy exchanges, synchronicity, serendipity, and much much more!

The best way to describe this incredible anthology of writings is to present its CONTENTS (right-click image to enlarge):